Injemira Advantage

The Injemira Advantage program is something that no other whiteface stud business in Australia can offer to their clients. The Injemira Advantage program is designed to encompass the real world production of beef and not only provide financial benefits for producers that buy Injemira bulls but also offers a genetic feedback system to guide the breeding decisions for the Injemira stud herd and those of commercial clients.

How it works!

Are you a Weaner Calf Producer?
The Injemira Advantage Program is for you!

Are you a Producer that grows out steers and heifers for feedlot entry?
The Injemira Advantage Program is for you!

The Injemira Advantage Program is a simple no non-sense assistance program for you to market your cattle. It does not guarantee a premium but what it does do is offer you a floor in your market to make informed decisions about when a where to sell your cattle.

How do I qualify for the Injemira Advantage Program?
Simply contact Injemira and outline your steer/heifer selling program for the upcoming year. Injemira will assist in establishing independent price targets and marketing avenues for you. The program is not designed to undercut your established selling avenues but to enable you to potentially be a price maker and not a price taker.

Do I need to be a current Injemira client?
No, this program is open to all commercial breeders but as it is a service offered free of charge you are expected to in good faith join the Injemira family and purchase your next bull at Injemira. 

Can I still sell through my current agent?
Yes, the Injemira Advantage program works within your current arrangement.

Do I need to be a pure Hereford/Poll Hereford Breeder?
No, this program is open to all breeds.

Are you an Angus or Bos Indicus Breeder? Do you want more weight in your calves?
Why not make use of the Injemira Advantage Program and use Injemira’s industry leading genetics to put power into your breeding program! Whilst still gaining access to lucrative feedlot, EU and MSA markets.

Do you want to find out more?
Contact Marc Greening on 0411 043 039. Remember, No question is too silly!

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