Influential Horned Sires

Name: HH Advance 1098Y

HH Advance 1098Y is the second of our outcross horned AI sires for 2012. Advance 1098Y was the high selling Holden's Sale in 2012 selling for US $102,000 for a 3/4 interest. 1098Y is a curve bender with outstanding calving ease combined with exceptional growth and that renowned Holden Line 1 maternal power.

His cow family is exceptional with Jack Holden describing his dam as "one of our very best young donor females. She is a super functional cow, with a perfect udder and loads of milk."

His EPD's rank him in the top 6% for many traits. He has been used at Injemira in 2012 joining all our horned heifers in our spring calving herd.

1098Y is a sire that will breed us specialist heifer bulls with that post birth growth.

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Name: CL 1 Domino 955W

The first of our new outcross sires in 2012. CL 1 Domino 955W from the renowned Coopers Line 1 program is an exciting individual for the Australian industry. The top priced sire at the prestigious Denver Bull Sale selling for $69,000 combining many show championships with outstanding EPDs of below breed average birth weight to high growths and exceptional milk and carcass.

A moderate framed sired packed full of red meat. What makes us very excited about this bull is what we had already used this sire when reports from Australian's that went to the World Hereford Congress in 2012 reported that the best calves they saw in North America had been sired by Domino 955W without them knowing we had cows already pregnant to him.

This fellow has stud sire producer written all over him. 

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Name: Talbalba Valuable C040 (H)

Valuable is a very exciting future sire at Injemira. Valuable is a bull with tremendous softness and meat content. A solid set of EBVs is present. Valuable was in my opinion the pick of the Talbalba bull sale in 2009. We secured him in conjunction with Pam Shelley from Kaludah Herefords. The first sons will be sold in 2012 and look outstanding and I am sure will be in high demand. Semen Currently For Sale.

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Name: Injemira Advance V093

The preeminent sire of the Injemira breeding program for the last 15 years. His name comes up in all the strong pedigrees within the herd. Have a look at his EBVs and you will understand why he has been widely used in the Australian industry. His daughters are functional. Medium framed great milking and strong pigmentation. Also an impeccable temperament comes with every son and daughter. The Line One bred sire that has it all.

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Name: Injemira Advance Z080

The stud sire we all hope to have. Consistency is his key. The very best V093 son ever produced at Injemira he has contributed greatly to not only our herd but also the whiteface breed throughout the world. In 2007, Advance Z080 has produced many high selling sons throughout Europe with that Advance stamp. The outstanding son in 2009 topped our sale selling to Devon Court Stud for $21,500 and is an example of what he can do, a true stud sire in the making. Outstanding EBVs along with a perfect phenotype gives the ultimate all-round package. In 2008, Advance Z080 was sold as a mature stud sire to the Ridgeview Hereford Stud. Semen has been retained by Injemira for use in the future.

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Name: Faulkland Legion AI (H)

After being losing bidder on Legion at Wodonga I often kick myself that I should have gone that bit harder. The sons we have produced at Injemira have been outstanding, with Legion E078 topping our 2011 sale selling to the Glendan Park Stud. A top breeding sire with carcass, style and structure. Joined to high milking Injemira females you can’t go wrong.

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Name: Injemira Achiever B007 (H)

Achiever B007 was sold for $10,000 to Jarrah Cattle Co., Rockhampton QLD. We retained him for one breeding season to be used principally over heifers. The Achiever genetics are very hard to find and we

really wanted to keep this proven line going. Some very sound commercial sires with great EBVs are consistently produced.

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Name: Dundee Freemantle Z251 (AI)

‘Freo’ is a great stud sire. A combination of absolutely outstanding breedplan figures and an impeccable phenotype continues to excite us. His calves continue to be outstanding with some very good sons presented in this catalogue. 'Freo' produced the top priced bull in our 2008 sale selling to Woakwine Past Co. for $17,000. I have visited studs throughout Canada using similar genetics to 'Freo' and was even more confident on my return that he will do an outstanding job at Injemira through his daughters.

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Name: AGA 13G General 114L IMP

Our industry needs outcross genetics and this could be the sire. Selected in Canada in 2005 we used him in 2009 and his first drop of calves look extremely consistent. General is a sire with a huge amount of raw power and commercial grunt. Plenty of growth and length of body is what you notice when you inspect him. The outcross sons at Injemira will fit into our bull sale very nicely.

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Name: Injemira Legion E078 (H)

You have to inspect this sire in the flesh to understand what he has to offer our industry. Could possibly be the best sire ever bred at Injemira. His carcass is extreme with outstanding meat content combined with a lovely soft style. Structurally you cannot fault him and I can’t speak more highly of his dam who herself is a magnificent individual and sold in 2011 for $12,000 to Jarrah Cattle Co., Rockhampton QLD. This sire is the complete package and topped our 2011 sale selling to Glendan Park Herefords for $15,000. A sire used as a yearling at Injemira and was the main AI sire used at Injemira in 2011. Really looking forward to his calves will keep you posted on them.

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Name: Mawarra Yours Truly (AI) (H)

Without doubt the number one performance bull at Wodonga National 2012. Yours Truly's EU market acceptance is exceptional with high growth and high carcass credentials. The second top price at Wodonga selling for $28,000 to Injemira in partnership with Bingeberry Herefords.

A bull with extreme length and carcass right across the spine. A true stud sire that will enhance the Injemira herd exponentially. A tremendous set of powerful EBVs.

Yours Truly has been used in 2012 naturally and in our AI program. Can't wait to see Yours Truly sons come through the Injemira sale ring in 2014.

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Name: Injemira Legion E064 (H)

What a cow this stud sire is out of! She topped our female sale in 2011 selling to Jarrah Cattle Co., Rockhampton Qld and his full ET brother topped our bull production sale. Legion E064 sold to Mt. Widderin for $10,000 and was used as a yearling at Injemira. He is structurally very correct with meat, softness and maturity pattern all there in this wonderful genetic package. A proven pedigree with great calves on the ground.

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Name: Ardno Dampier D813 (H)

Dampier is a bull that certainly stood out for me at Ardno’s production sale. A tall stylish individual with great length and depth. I had been looking for a Cracov son for a number of years and this fellow ticked all the boxes. Look forward to seeing what he does breeding wise in the years to come.

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Name: Injemira Advance E007 (AI) (H)

Have a look at the Indexes on this sire- all in the top 1%. Advance E007 was purchased in 2010 by Westhaven Herefords WA for $10,000 and used at Injemira prior to the sale and prior to delivery. A bull with huge growth and extremely low birth weight.

His pedigree is stacked full of elite females with V121 and Q117 serving our program with such a great contribution and sired by our international sire Advance Z080.

A specialist heifer sire used in 2010 and some good sons are in our 2013 sale.

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