• Injemira Anzac K220

    Sold for $110 000
    to Ravensdale Poll Herefords

  • "Commercial backing is a big part of our operation turning off 2600 commercial steers & heifers per year"

  • Australian on Property Record Average & Highest Grossing Bull Sale

  • "Our quality guarantee - we buy back calves from our bull buying clients"

"Seedstock production is not just selling a bull its selling a whole program."

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Tuesday 21st February 2017
102 POLL HEREFORD SIRES  |  View our 2017 Catalogue


2017 Annual Bull Sale Report
Report A great result above expectations that saw many new clients purchase at Injemira, of particular note was the many ex- horned commercial breeders chasing Poll Genetics. Bulls sold to NSW, Vic, Qld, SA and Tasmaia.  Click Here to Continue Reading

2017 Bull Sale Video
Videos of the 2017 Sale Bulls are now available on the website.
2017 Feature Sale Bulls
View a selection of the 102 bulls catalogued for the 2017 'Carcase Revolution' Annual Production Sale on 21st February 2017.
2017 Bull Sale Supplementary Sheet
The Supplementary Sheet with the Bull Weights for the 46th 'Carcase Revolution' Annual Production Sale in 21st February is now available. Click Here to View.
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Injemira Beef Genetics is a family run and owned whiteface seedstock business where Polled Genetics are utilised to produce commercially orientated bulls for the Australian beef industry. We offer annually 102 Polled Hereford Sires through our annual sale on the last Tuesday of February and private treaty throughout the Spring months. Along with this 450 Commercial PTIC, EU Accredited Heifers will be offered for sale in May 2017.

Our program is not your traditional stud business. Our breeding decisions are dictated to by commercial reality and that alone. Many stud operations can claim this but at Injemira we do it ourselves. In 2017, Injemira will turn off from grass 2,600 commercial steers and heifers. With pedigrees analysed for “real world” performance and this analyses directs our breeding decisions for the upcoming breeding season.

This vertical integration with the commercial performance driving our stud herd not only enables us to offer bulls that we know will perform but it also allows Injemira to give relevant feedback to repeat clientele to give them the most desirable genetic package. “Seedstock production is not selling a bull but selling a complete program.”

The injemira stud herd consists of 300 registered stud breeders with a program of not culling any heifers. 

Natural selection does this for us. All females have to calve naturally before 2 years of age and rebreed to calve again at the age of 3. If any female does not do this she is culled. This enables Injemira to offer for sale every 3rd year complete age groups of proven mature stud females as we have large numbers of replacement females coming through the system. 

This stringent commercially orientated program is why Injemira can offer to the industry 120 bulls annually from only 300 stud females. The Injemira drop is very consistent with each bull being highly predictable genetically. We see in our industry far too often seedstock herds with large numbers of registered females selling relatively small numbers of bulls, you only get to see the top of the drop. At Injemira, you will basically see the entire drop giving you the confidence that your “genetic package” will breed to a consistent level.

Marc Greening
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