2017 Feature Sale Bulls
The 2017 Feature Sale Bulls are a selection of the 102 bulls catalogued for sale on 21st February 2017.
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Name: Lot 2 - INJEMIRA ANZAC H006 L044 (AI) (P) 

STUD SIRE- Everything has come together with this stud sire. When he strides out he commands your attention. His carcase and length of body is unrivalled, his structure and temperament is perfect. Just get behind this bull and appreciate the yield he brings to the table combined with wonderful smooth shoulders and neck extension. I firmly believe that Anzac H006 is breeding better than his sire Anzac and this son may prove it. Look at this EBV set, breed average birth to top 5% growth, top 1% EMA, Top 1% IMF, combined to give all indexes in the top 1% of the breed. Truly outstanding! Note: Injemira has used this bull in 2016 to naturally join 46 females. Taken out 4th January 2017 and just look how he has held his condition. A wonderful stud sire!!

Price: Sold $26,000 - AA  & BM Lees Tallara Holdings

DOB: 21.04.2015

Pedigree: [ click here ]

Name: Lot 3 - INJEMIRA ANZAC H006 L055 (AI) (P) 

STUD SIRE- Anzac H006 has done it again! Have a look at the volume and capacity in this stud sire combined with style and soundness. Consistently the heaviest bull in the contemporary group. His pedigree is packed full of sound stylish females that perform in the real world. The modern beef industry is moving to cattle that yield with quality meat content and as a breed this is what we should be focussing on and Anzac L055 has everything this requires. His data set is exceptional with growths in the top 5% and carcase data through the roof culminating in index values all in the top 1% of the breed. A great stud sire that will have a huge impact.

Price: Sold $24,000 - Kea Farms Pty Ltd

DOB: 28.04.2015

Pedigree: [ click here ]

Name: Lot 4 - INJEMIRA WIZARD L027 (P)

STUD SIRE- The number one actual EMA sire catalogued in 2017. The 'shape' of this stud sire is everything the modern market requires. Wonderful cosmetics, great skin and hair and a front paddock style we all love looking at, not to mention the yield potential. This fellow will contribute greatly to a stud operation as the female line is very solid backed by strong EBV's. This bull comes with our highest recommendation. Great stud sire potential. 

Price: Sold $40,000 - Warragundi & Curracabark

DOB: 15.04.2015

Pedigree: [ click here ]

Name: Lot 45 - INJEMIRA ANZAC L170 (AI) (ET) (P)

STUD SIRE- What a way to kick off the 'Spring' drop sires for 2017. This sire has a pedigree unrivalled in our industry today. Without doubt his dam Happy Day D053 is our best breeding cow with sons selling to $28,000 and grossing in a single year in excess of $100,000 and his sire Anzac has had in excess of $800,000 worth of sons sell at Injemira over the last three years. Anzac L170 has been a standout since birth, we are very excited to show the industry this sire, he commands your attention. His data is terrific with moderate birth, huge growth all combined with the EMA/IMF% combination so hard to find in our industry. A top stud sire that comes with our highest recommendations. Semen has been retained by Injemira for in herd use only.

Price: Sold $40,000 - Jarrah Cattle Co

DOB: 13.09.2015

Pedigree: [ click here ]

Name: Lot 46 - INJEMIRA ANZAC L156 (AI) (P)

STUD SIRE- Anzac L156 will catch your eye. I remember weighing this calf at birth and had him pencilled in as a Stud Sire prospect from day 1, he has not let me down. A larger framed Anzac son from a top cow line going back to Harmony V121 whom bred sons that have excelled throughout Europe. The data is exactly what this bull is, moderate birth, huge growth and strong carcase with the EMA/IMF% combination sort after. His indexes are all in the top 5% of the breed. This sire comes with our highest recommendation and we look forward to what impact he will have on our industry. Top Stud Sire.

Price: Sold $10,000 - MR & LJ Weston

DOB: 10.09.2015

Pedigree: [ click here ]

Name: Lot 47 - INJEMIRA ANZAC H006 L172 (AI) (P)

STUD SIRE- The first of the Anzac H006 sons in the 'Spring' group and what a sire he is. A sire that will catch your eye and the more you look at him the more you like him. Tremendous length of body with carcase in all the right places and a wonderful soft easy doing style. His EBV set is great with growth in the top 1% and EMA in the top 5% culminating in indexes being in the top 5% of the breed. An outstanding stud sire prospect by the incredibly consistent Anzac H006. Great bull.

Price: Sold $22, 000 - Russlyn Poll Herefords

DOB: 13.09.2015

Pedigree: [ click here ]

Name: Lot 48 - INJEMIRA WARP L127 (P)

STUD SIRE- I introduce the industry to Yalgoo Warp and what a son to make the introduction, the first to be offered by Injemira. A real eye catching sire with his softness, wonderful skin and hair and raw carcase power. He is a stylish individual that will grow and mature further when you get him home. The EBV set matches the phenotype with moderate birth to a high growth ratio and tremendous carcase data. A top stud sire prospect that will immediately catch your eye when you inspect this lead pen of the 'Spring' group for 2017. Great bull.

Price: Sold $10,000 - Grealy & Wells

DOB: 21.08.2015

Pedigree: [ click here ]

Name: Lot 54 - INJEMIRA WARP L247 (P)

STUD SIRE- Here is a pedigree I have been waiting for- Warp x Anzac and it hasn't disappointed. This sire has length, bone and huge growth potential all combined in an attractive whiteface package. He is arguably the softest most easy doing son of Warp catalogued in 2017. His EBV set indicates he has EMA with IMF a very rare combination combined with great growth. A top herd improving stud sire prospect that will impress. Great young bull.

Price: Sold $20,000 - Paspaley Rural

DOB: 01.10.2015

Pedigree: [ click here ]

Name: Lot 55 - INJEMIRA WARP L240 (P) 

STUD SIRE- What a wonderful example of a modern beef sire. We have been excited to show the industry the Warp sons and this is the reason why. This stud sire prospect has style, bone, length of body and wonderful set in shoulders. He is a true 'front paddock' sire that is backed up by strong EBV's with the highlight being his EMA in the top 5% of the breed. Top sire prospect.

Price: Sold $14,000 - Harvey Patterson

DOB: 25.09.2015

Pedigree: [ click here ]

Name: Lot 56 - INJEMIRA WARP L190 (P) 

STUD SIRE- Another great Warp son that is proving to be so good in our herd after only his first drop of calves. Warp L190 will catch your eye with his wonderful whiteface cosmetics, then you have to look at the $$$ making attributes he brings to the table. He is a lovely soft easy doing sire with great carcase and a perfect structure. His temperament is bomb proof and has always been one of our favourites. A top stud sire prospect.

Price: Sold $12,000 - Locksley Past Co

DOB: 16.09.2015

Pedigree: [ click here ]

Name: Lot 57 - INJEMIRA WARP L250 (P) 

STUD SIRE- Warp just keeps producing these modern industry sires. Have a really good look at what Warp L250 offers he has a lovely soft skin and hair with great length and carcase in all the right places. This sire just keeps on getting better with age, initially I didn't have him pencilled in the 'Stud Sire' category but I can't not include him. He is exceptional and backed by a strong even set of EBV's. Could be used in a heifer or cow joining program.

Price: Sold $20,000 - Glenalbyn Props

DOB: 13.10.2015

Pedigree: [ click here ]

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